• Illa Creu Alta Residential Tower


    Residencial Illa Creu Alta is a project that transforms a block of the Illa Creu Alta neighbourhood located north of Sabadell.

    In the space where an old disused textile factory was located, 131 private homes, 32 public housing, 5 commercial premises, a car park, a square and a promenade are built.

    The project culminates with a tower that is part of the third construction phase. The tower is made up of 10 floors that accommodate 45 homes, 40 simplex and 5 duplexes with access to the communal area with a children’s play area and swimming pool. On the ground floor there are two large commercial premises that will reinforce the commercial axis of Francesc Layret street.


    Location: Sabadell

    Size: 4994 m2

    Status: Under construction

    Sustainability: Energy certification A. Grey water reuse.

  • Torre desde Av Francesc Layret

    Tower from the Francesc Layret corner with Castellar street

  • Torre desde Av Francesc Layret noche

    Tower from the Francesc Layret corner with Castellar street at night

  • Torre frontal desde Francesc Layret

    Tower frontal image

  • Torre desde la plaza

    Tower from the square

  • Torre desde el voladizo de noche

    Tower with the second stage building view

  • Torre desde C/ Castellar

    Tower from Castellar street

  • Torre desde la piscina interior

    Tower with swimming pool views

  • Torre desde la zona de juegos

    Tower with playground views