• Services


    ROA designs and develops flexible buildings ranging from residential, cultural and environmental friendly dwellings, to offices and sport facilities. ROA carries out energy renovations and has qualified technical team dedicated to R&D for residential blocks with a low environmental, social and economic impact.

    Our fields of work include:
    - New work and renovation
    - Energy renovations
    - R&D buildings with low environmental impact

    All of the above areas involve each of the following phases:
    - Preliminary design
    - Basic design
    - Working project
    - Project and site management (works management and work execution)
    - After sales maintenance


    ROA designs urban development strategy projects. International experience gained through urban development planning projects has given ROA a full picture of the potential challenges and problems of utilising land and space, while also making it a bureau that is fully aware of the impact at a local level.

    Our fields of work include:
    - Local and detailed development planning
    - Urban development management
    - Urban planning

    All of the above areas involve each of the following phases:
    - Project planning report
    - Initial, provisional and final approval
    - Final approval of revised text


    Alongside designing and developing architectural projects, ROA also manages property transactions starting at the design stage and only finishing with the final handover to the end user. ROA is fully committed to complying with the established timing, development costs, quality and functionality requirements in a transparent and rigorous manner, in addition to offering extra added value through our environmentally-friendly approach to projects. Our fields of work include:

    - Property management
    - Technical management for projects and work


    ROA carries out energy efficiency ratings using LIDER and Calener-VyP, advises on sustainable construction, issues technical reports on diagnoses and pathology of existing constructions, as well as arranging certificates of habitability and environmental permits. Our fields of work include:

    - Energy diagnosis and audits
    - VERDE environmental building certification
    - Urban development and building audits
    - Energy ratings for buildings
    - Advice on sustainable construction
    - Technical building inspection (ITE) reports and expert opinions
    - Municipal technical services