• Proactivity


    ROA organises symposia, conferences and exhibitions to hold discussions with the best professionals in the sector on the new paradigm shift, from the architecture of the modern movement to the contemporary sustainability movement, and from the new models of demand business to supply models.

    This same concern for new models of theoretical thinking that will define the 21st century is applied to new ways of inhabiting, which are aimed at applying the principles of flexible architecture. This architecture adapts to the constant social, economic and environmental changes, moving away from unambiguous discourses, seeking absolute freedom of expression, understanding and satisfying people’s real needs, seeking a balance between people, nature and technology and searching for patterns in work and industrialisation in order to optimise architectural flexibility.

    ROA constantly strives to change the currently reality in order to improve people’s quality of life in all its facets, and we therefore work in conjunction with clients, end users and industrial users throughout the entire research process.

    ROA knows that dynamic progress in the architectural profession is only possible through cooperation. An illustration of this are the current new LEI (low environmental impact) residential typology prototypes, consisting of low environmental impact housing, and a CÉLULA (cell) housing complex, which represents a new way of living that is more optimised, flexible, changing and free.