Sabadell, known as the “Catalan Manchester” for its industrial activity in the 19th and 20th centuries, has great potential to transform old warehouses into new homes.

This is the example of a warehouse that is transformed into 131 private homes, 32 public housing, 5 commercial premises, a car park, a square and a boulevard.

But how can we recover the material from the industrial plant to give it a new use?

ROA Arquitectura opted for a 100% sustainable solution. A recycling plant was built on site to help separate the materials that came from the demolition. In this way, gravel classified according to its size was obtained for use again in construction.

In total, 1860 m3 of rubble were recycled, saving 14.92 tons of CO2 (about 13 10x25x2 pools) and 211,945MJ of embedded energy.

The materials that were recycled on the same site saved the movement of 305 trucks and thus improved the environmental quality in the work environments (< 1200ppm) and represents an economic saving.

Once the work began, grey water was reused and materials with low environmental impact and free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) were used. In addition, 90% of the personnel hired on site are local.

A clear commitment to the circular economy from the ground up.

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