• The urbanization of Carrer Antoni Forrellad begins for the Sabadell City Council
  • Contributes to sustainable urban mobility

Framed in the objective of pacifying and naturalizing the Gran Via of Sabadell, uniting it with the surroundings of the Ripoll River, ROA Arquitectura begins the urbanization of Antoni Forrellad Street between Plaza España and the Prats de Lluçanès road.

The current road is transformed into three well-differentiated areas. The area closest to the road will be used for rapid transit. It consists of a lane intended for the circulation of bicycles and personal mobility vehicles, promoting more sustainable and healthy urban transportation. The central area will be dedicated to pedestrian traffic and rest. It consists of a paved area and five rest areas that have draining pavement, benches and bush vegetation.

Finally, the area closest to the facades of the buildings, with rapid pedestrian traffic, in which there is no intervention, the pre-existing pavement is preserved.

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