• Re-industrialization TIC

    ROA architecture is commissioned to re-industrialize the twentieth century industrial park of Barcelona, nowadays abandoned, unused and that configures this big gaps of economic activity in the contemporary city.
    ROA conceives the reindustrialization of TIC services under the concept of “Box in a box” by recycling used shipping containers from Barcelona’s port, which are introduced into the abandoned industrial buildings. By using these containers is possible to manage a nearly Zero Embodied Energy Building, to recycle the value chain of the XXI century technology industry and at the same time to link the economic and the geographical part of territory through the abstract concept of moving the containers “From the port landscape to the urban sieve”.

    ROA team appreciates the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our client displays at all times !!!

    Location:  Sabadell – Barcelona
    Size: 1.320 m²
    Status: 2014 – 2015 Built
    Sustainability: VERDE Environmental Certification “3 hojas”, or LEED “silver”. Recycling used maritime containers.

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