• Paleontology museum

    Is it possible to intrigue the passer with reflection and transparency?

    In this simple statement lies the basic premise of the competition which alters the current status of the existing building to capture the attention of the passer and to guide them into the museum. This requires a set of transparencies and reflections on ceilings and facade cover complemented by a new atrium that connects the access ground and first floor. In response to the new program, a restructuring of all spaces from basement to second floor that they are organized around two vertical cores of stairs and elevator, and respect the traditional building systems.

    Location: Sabadell - Barcelona
    Size: 1.500 m²
    Status: 2008 – Completed

  • roa-arquitectura-sostenibilidad-cultural-museo sabadell 02
  • roa-arquitectura-sostenibilidad-cultural-museo sabadell 01