• Animal protection office

    The configuration adopted in the distribution of Reception Centre is conditioned by the desire to fit out 24 cages for dogs and cats, convert a area reception and a treatment room to satisfy the functional plan of the premises of Animal Shelter of Sabadell.  Due to the location of the site is qualified as urban park area and the ephemeral nature of the activity to be performed, it is necessary to minimize the ecological footprint of the intervention. The project ensures full respect for the environment, both in the preservation of all existing tree species, such as the use of solutions that improve the energy efficiency of the building. We opt for a construction system based on prefabrication, achieving a reduction in construction time, cleaning work, rapid assembly and disassembly of materials and reduction of waste generated by the construction.

    Location: Sabadell – Barcelona
    Size: 400 m²
    Status: 2008 – Built

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  • roa arquitectura y sostenibilidad protectora animales 01 sabadell