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    ROA ARQUITECTURA, founded by Roger Orriols in 2006, is a young, growth-oriented company that designs, develops and manages flexible and sustainable architecture and urban development strategy projects, on a consolidated basis at the national level and a projection growing internationally, covering both the public and private sectors.

    ROA’s key value is flexibility. All of our projects are based on what we call “flexible architecture”, derived from our search of a BALANCED SYMBIOSIS BETWEEN PEOPLE, NATURE AND TECHNOLOGY.

    Our architectural approach is backward-looking in the infinite exploitation of resources and land, and is forward-looking in terms of the environment and the use of new technologies. It’s an architecture that is based on common sense, one that avoids conventional and preconceived notions, takes pride of great technical accuracy, focuses on a full understanding of today’s society and is committed to new technologies and a respectful observation of nature. This is architectural style that is alive, dynamic, intelligent and one that evolves with every interaction with those involved. This approach results in using fewer resources, being more efficient and more cost-effective.